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Between the job, school, and Vice City, I've totally lost contact with my internet connections. How are you all doing?

I'm so oober stoked, I get my class ring tomorow at like 9:00!!!!!! I've also found, with the help of customer service at Keystone in Denver, my front bumper cover for my car!!!! **crowd goes wild***
These people are great! I love you all and will call soon!

Kimmy I figured it out

At first I was pushing Ken away because I knew he was a nice guy. Well yeah who really wants a "nice guy" when they're a mere 17 but also, I concider this:

I knew anouther nice guy that was hurt by an excitment loving and even very selfish woman. I was so afraid that I would hurt Ken because he reminded me of the nice guy. It took alot of talking things out for me to realize I am not that girl.

That was the missing component that I had left to tell you about.

QUESTION OF THE DAY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Why are there more pregnant girls at my high school than non-pregnant?

Okay so maybe there's not that many but I'll tell you this much... In the last month I can think of 5 girls that are pregnant. (and don't don't know a whole lot of girls at my shchool). Why has this become just somthing that happens? Like an everyday occurence? Why has society allowed these this..

continue later....

Hey Diddle Diddle

Wow long time no type.
Sorry about that one folks.

It's unbelieveable how one little word can change your whole attitude and perspective. Wanna know the word?

I'll give you a second.

It's a word that gives a little recognition and a lot of relief. No matter how stressed, a sincere "_____________", can make it all better.


I know everyone knows- probably better than I do- that work can get stressfull. Especially if the job is in retail. Christmas is a time when people (myself absolutley included) get way too wrapped up in tangelble, meaningless matieral items. My boss Janice is so great at making sure everyone stays in line but mostly she's awesome at saying that word- thanks. Don't get me wrong she's rocks at letting you know if you just messed up and at doing the boss thing but I just really appreciate her.

So I've just been working and hanging out with Kenny. I truthfully had my doubts about him but He's way cool.

Good to talk to
Ca-boi (Cowboy)
Fun to hang out with
Opens doors
Pays for stuff

and the big one-

Can you believe it? So nice. I never could imagine.

So I'm wanting very badly to fix my truck to drive. I'm getting sick of my car and I miss my F-150 like nothing else.

Good Night My Little Love Bunnies.


Shananagan # 1
Brazier in the Headlights

Victim: ODT
Guily Party: Chachi and Sobree

Story Line:
It all started when Chach and Sobree found a purple and silver-grey bra in a trash can they were walking by. Now knowing they couldn't let a good bra go to waste they assumed the natural position. Criminals, Delinquents and even "Trouble Makers".

So they decided to hang the said bra on a unexpecting someone's vehicle antenea. The first name that popped into the mind of the bra-holder. GIMPY! So they turned around in search of Gimp's car. How did this all over spill onto ODT? Well, simple:

ODT's car was so much closer.



Shananagan # 2
Good... Till the Last Drop

Victim: KAYLA (and Later ODT)
Guilty Party: Chachi and Sobree- who else?

Story Line:
So Gimp and Vicki Doodle, Kayla (me) and Sobre and Chach took a trip to Albertsons for lunch today. Nothing out of the ordinary. Somthing else alittle too familiar, Sobree and Chach decide they want Martinelli's. Nothing good ever derives from a good 'ole drink of green bottled sparkling grape juice. Anyhow, We killed off one bottle and took the remaider of the 2nd to 5th period English. I was intensly and INNOCENTLY working on the assignment when the last sip of the beverage was announced mine. I began to take the rest of the drink in as one huge gulp and realise a second after it was WAYY TOOOO LATE what I had just consumed. Why hadn't I been smart enough to avoid this? I (as a reaction you undestand), drained the unswalowed rest of it into the bottle and I also sprayed my and a few other's desks with Martinelli's (that is Martinelli's mixed with .99 cent Ketchup) GROSS!!!!

The only thing left to do is see if ODT was thirsty. He was.



Shananagan # 3
Iced Blood

Victim: Unknown, posibly students and staff and Cenral High.
Guilty Party: Kayla (me)

Story Line:
So with the rest of the perfectly good .99 cent Ketchup we decided to have alittle "f-u-n"... yeah... while walking out of the school the bottle was tipped up side down and the lid opened. Preasure was alplied to the bottle forcing the red tomato-ee condement to squirt out onto the sidewalk. I know this isn't exactly saving the best for last of the shananagans but I mean this was better then a worm between my toes... given both would tickle me pink but in two different ways. I was great though!

Alisa fallowed alittle too closly, hope she can get that one out of her pants...



So I am going to a party tomorow night and staying over there. We're all going to Sobree's house

ie: "we" = Kayla, Chach, Sobree, Gimp, Frog-ett, Kenny, and ODT.

I'm so unbelievable stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YYYYYYYAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY*****happy monkey dance*******

To Guy: A Final Letter

I just want to express my concern.

I would have reason to think you've had an untimely death, but your change in away messages suggests that your alive, and alive enough to change your away message at that.

I'm not going to tell you that I'm so unbelievably bored out of my mind not being able to talk to you. I'm especially not going to tell you that I miss talking to you either. That would put you in a power position, why would I give that position up?

This is why:

I do miss talking to you and for your information, I am bored. See, bored enough to both, bold and underline "am" in the last sentence.
There, happy I said it? ;-)

LOL, I can't believe you went and got a life on me, I thought we were in this "Bum It Up Club" together...

Anyway, I'm glad your having fun and hopefully, after you go out and "find yourself" you'll have sense enough to come back home, we miss you. I'm leaving the front porch light on for you (but be careful Dear, I leave the rottwiller, Eatum, loose in the house to protect against burglars). You know, since you aren't here with your trusted ball bat anymore. You may find the extra T-bone steak in the mail box helpful when your trying to get past Eatum, he is a nice dog, just hungry.

Sincerely, Your OLD family,

Pancakes Pancakes Pancakes

If you havn't seen Cabin Fever I recomend it. Not only is Rider Strong hot, but it's soo freaking funny when "Dennis" ____ up yelling ______________________ and ________ the infected guy.

I would so pay anouther 8 dollars just to see that part!
Sorry about the blanks but I fear I've already said too much. :-D

So right after school today I picked my senior pictures up and in a few minutes I'll need to go make a copy of the one I'm putting in the yearbook. The deadline is like now.

So I havn't been to school for like, oh I dunno, three days. It's so unpredictable how Spank has a weakness for when I'm sick. He basically does everything for me on my crusty days. Nice huh?
"So we're leaving in January" Spank admits

"Where's that?" I was really just thinking out loud, trying to figure out that he was talking to me.


"Who's we?"

~ NEVER. I'll repeat it for dramatic effect even, NEVER talk when your sick (or in school, or work, or shopping... just don't talk. If you talk when your sick you don't think about what is being said on either end of the converstaion.

Just learn to avoid these things.
It's like if you're freezing and you think a hot steaming bath will cure it.

It wont.Don't try it.Period.Get a Blanket.

You'll just crawl out of that warm encompassing pillow of water and bubbles and freeze twice as much as you had before right when the icey cold air hits you.
It's like that...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~at about 8:00 last night~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


"Kayla, Telephone!!!!!"



"Hi... umm who is this?"

"You don't know?" the guy's voice on the other end questions.


"YEAH!, Hey"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~20 minutes later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


"Hey Kenny, what's up?" I say in my cracky, smuggled, hard-to-breath voice (did I mention I am sick?)

So two hours later I was on the phone with Ken's mom telling her to "Never fear, Kenny was just over here... He'll be driving back, he just wanted a snack"

Okay so that didn't happen.

I did however call his mom and let her know he was okay and on his way home. He had just come over to show me the pictures I took of him bull riding. And he wanted to show me his gear. I got a lesson on how it all worked. Ask e anything. Dare ya!

This is the conclusion.

See that sentence right up there, that was it.
the end.

Buh Bye my Mouth-Breathers, Luv ya Later. :-)
Kayla Bean


HI, I've been working alot but now i gte two days off in a row!!!


I have an account at Fast Web to help me find college scholorships and I finally found one that I'm interested in trying. It asks whether you'd most want to be liked or respected. Here's what I've written so far for it:


Choosing whether to be liked or respected opens a social can of worms. After pondering this question I began to ask myself if being liked was good enough. Personally, as a high school senior I think it would be, that is, until graduation.

In the long run I'd imagine being respected as a higher caliber of being liked. It's bigger, more powerful, more precise and accurate, and essentially, advantageous. Walking around the halls at Central, nodding my head and giving out high fives is an example of being liked. In comparison, walking around hallways, soaking in the feeling of respect through the pores in your skin has an overwhelming sensation that everybody picks up on, not just those on the other end of your secret hand shake.

Respect is being liked on a whole new level. When respected, what you say is taken into account, how you feel, and your advice is considered. It's redundant to say that one is respected and liked because if they weren???t liked there would be no respect. Being held in a high regard packs a handful of power in the term's description as well.

Because I respect my mother and father, I obey them. This circumstance is apparent on the job site as well. When the boss is respected, the employees will accomplish their task more quickly, more efficiently, and with a positive attitude. I have just finished my first week at my new job and I find it comparable to a well oiled machine how everybody seems to work as a team. I believe this machine-like characteristic is thanks to the obvious respect the employees have for the boss and for each other.


I'm not even close to done with this essay and I have many sentances and stuff I need to clean up but I'd still apreshiate your in put. :-D

Other than that I don't knwo what else to say- it's all the same, the days of my life... School Work Sleep **repeat**


No, really I'm having alot of fun and am liking my classes and everything. costomer service ROCKS BANANA PEELS!

PS~~~~~ thanks for the Billy Idol clip Xan, I got a CD with it all burned and everything on it for me yesterday!

Oh yeah- I've been Carhart Winter Apparel trained- I dare you, ask me a question about it!!! I know the answer!

~~Kayla Bean

Septeber 5th

I've just been cultured, and to tell you the truth- I liked it!

After work I went to Greek Fest with my frinds Sobree and Cha chi. Besideds the whole finding out our newly graduated friend turned stoner I had a wonderfull time trying new foods, seeing a bit of Greece and meeting some pationate people.

The food was great, the dancing- wonderfull and did I mention- the FOOD- it was GREAT!!

So then I wet over to Chach's house and jummped on the Georgey Tramp and watched a wonderful 20/20. Did anyone else watch that? loved it! I was seriousley intriged the whole time and could't bare to wait through the commercials. It was about Party Monster and Mac Culcan. Very interesting! The movie came out today but I'm going to at least give the book a 20 page trial read before I spring for the movie ticket.

My classes are wonderful and I aso helped participate in Club Rush. I signed up for like 4 clubs but I'm fully aware it's highly unlikey I can acually make it to the meetings.

I signed up for:

and Dead Ameicans Club (History Club)

and got a HOTTIE'S e-mail address (who cares if I scammed it, I have it fair and square-ish!!)

HAPPY DAYS!!! ~~~~~Kayla
btw, I sold a pair of 139.99 dollar boots today!!! , No I don't get paid commition but I'm still stoked!!! HIGH FIVE FOR THE KAYLA BEAN!!!! WHOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO)

Later Days and Keep you nose out of the gutter

Oh yeah- and can sombody tell me if it's really the Muderdolls who are most widley known for singing White Wedding?????

It'a nice day for a - white wedding-
it's a nice day to- START AGAIN-annnnn

Second Try

My Loves:

Cribbs (www.cribbs.blogeasy.com)
Movies that make you laugh or think
school passing periods
my car
my guitar
my cd player
macaroni and cha-eese
pixie stics
mountain dew
nail polish
magazines that you can cut up
chunkey monkey by Ben and Jerry
Boys(even though they smell and you should throw rocks at them)
gi joes and the nija turtles
old tv shows like my little pony, pound puppies, ad gummie bears
Bill Cosby
Johnny Cash
James Dean and Josh Harnette (can you say h-o-t?)
that sickening feeling you get when you swing on a swing set on your tummy
my cat Merlin (nermo)
sugar cubes and Equal sugar packets
being the center of attention
sociology and psychology
my rainbow bright steeing wheel cover
HAPPY BUNNY (www.jimbenton.com)
Spencer's in the mall (great joke store)
piggy back rides
floor hockey
Sardines (the game) and Hide and Skreetch

okay i gotta stop now.... buh bye chicken pie
~~~~Kayla Bean

Burned, and I Don't Mean in a Hot Sence

I had an AWESOME day today!!

I hung out with my gurl Vicki all day and we went shopping, we ate, drank loads of soda, watched an old lady make her rounds to the pop machines looking for lost change, we went to the park, and both lost our freedom.

no, wait, I think I'm the one who lost her freedom. Acually I really wouldn't know because I havn't gotten to talk to her since I dropped her off at home to return to mine.

I take pride in my groundation. I'd like to just state that one now. I've been trying unconsciousley to become grouded ever since i was about 10. here I am- a Groundee.

**Happy Monkey Dance***

Having three brothers come before me, I always tried to leave my parents with a problem free life style when it came to me. But all of a sudden (in the past week or so) I feel like I havn't held up my end of the percentage that's labled "punishment" in my parent's parenting life.

Not that my brothers we awful kids or anything I just know they presented more conflict then I have in the past, but then again there's only one of me in a household with wisdom-enhanced parents. see my brothers got my parents when they were younger and also there were three of them all at once.

What's a girl to do? The only wierd thing I don't get? The justice system. I've done worse things then forgetting to check in but this is te time they draw the lin. This is the one time they get the unbalenced mixture of anger and suspicion and edgeyness. This is the one instance when they decied to draw the line.
see here's the line: ___________________

My qusetion, I already answered: Why is it THIS time?

Why not when I __________ to_____ from 10:30 till after midnight.
Why not when I ________ the__________?
Why not when I _________ and said I was really________?

Why when I simply was late checking in?

The answer, again folks: UNBALENCE!!

I got to go, I don't know when I'll be able to get online next but I'll be back, dont worry your beautiful face with that one sun shine!.

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