Pancakes Pancakes Pancakes 

Pancakes Pancakes Pancakes

If you havn't seen Cabin Fever I recomend it. Not only is Rider Strong hot, but it's soo freaking funny when "Dennis" ____ up yelling ______________________ and ________ the infected guy.

I would so pay anouther 8 dollars just to see that part!
Sorry about the blanks but I fear I've already said too much. :-D

So right after school today I picked my senior pictures up and in a few minutes I'll need to go make a copy of the one I'm putting in the yearbook. The deadline is like now.

So I havn't been to school for like, oh I dunno, three days. It's so unpredictable how Spank has a weakness for when I'm sick. He basically does everything for me on my crusty days. Nice huh?
"So we're leaving in January" Spank admits

"Where's that?" I was really just thinking out loud, trying to figure out that he was talking to me.


"Who's we?"

~ NEVER. I'll repeat it for dramatic effect even, NEVER talk when your sick (or in school, or work, or shopping... just don't talk. If you talk when your sick you don't think about what is being said on either end of the converstaion.

Just learn to avoid these things.
It's like if you're freezing and you think a hot steaming bath will cure it.

It wont.Don't try it.Period.Get a Blanket.

You'll just crawl out of that warm encompassing pillow of water and bubbles and freeze twice as much as you had before right when the icey cold air hits you.
It's like that...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~at about 8:00 last night~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


"Kayla, Telephone!!!!!"



"Hi... umm who is this?"

"You don't know?" the guy's voice on the other end questions.


"YEAH!, Hey"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~20 minutes later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


"Hey Kenny, what's up?" I say in my cracky, smuggled, hard-to-breath voice (did I mention I am sick?)

So two hours later I was on the phone with Ken's mom telling her to "Never fear, Kenny was just over here... He'll be driving back, he just wanted a snack"

Okay so that didn't happen.

I did however call his mom and let her know he was okay and on his way home. He had just come over to show me the pictures I took of him bull riding. And he wanted to show me his gear. I got a lesson on how it all worked. Ask e anything. Dare ya!

This is the conclusion.

See that sentence right up there, that was it.
the end.

Buh Bye my Mouth-Breathers, Luv ya Later. :-)
Kayla Bean

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