To Guy: A Final Letter 

To Guy: A Final Letter

I just want to express my concern.

I would have reason to think you've had an untimely death, but your change in away messages suggests that your alive, and alive enough to change your away message at that.

I'm not going to tell you that I'm so unbelievably bored out of my mind not being able to talk to you. I'm especially not going to tell you that I miss talking to you either. That would put you in a power position, why would I give that position up?

This is why:

I do miss talking to you and for your information, I am bored. See, bored enough to both, bold and underline "am" in the last sentence.
There, happy I said it? ;-)

LOL, I can't believe you went and got a life on me, I thought we were in this "Bum It Up Club" together...

Anyway, I'm glad your having fun and hopefully, after you go out and "find yourself" you'll have sense enough to come back home, we miss you. I'm leaving the front porch light on for you (but be careful Dear, I leave the rottwiller, Eatum, loose in the house to protect against burglars). You know, since you aren't here with your trusted ball bat anymore. You may find the extra T-bone steak in the mail box helpful when your trying to get past Eatum, he is a nice dog, just hungry.

Sincerely, Your OLD family,

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Sun Oct 16, 2005 1:01 am MST by Lakers Tickets

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