Burned, and I Don't Mean in a Hot Sence 

Burned, and I Don't Mean in a Hot Sence

I had an AWESOME day today!!

I hung out with my gurl Vicki all day and we went shopping, we ate, drank loads of soda, watched an old lady make her rounds to the pop machines looking for lost change, we went to the park, and both lost our freedom.

no, wait, I think I'm the one who lost her freedom. Acually I really wouldn't know because I havn't gotten to talk to her since I dropped her off at home to return to mine.

I take pride in my groundation. I'd like to just state that one now. I've been trying unconsciousley to become grouded ever since i was about 10. here I am- a Groundee.

**Happy Monkey Dance***

Having three brothers come before me, I always tried to leave my parents with a problem free life style when it came to me. But all of a sudden (in the past week or so) I feel like I havn't held up my end of the percentage that's labled "punishment" in my parent's parenting life.

Not that my brothers we awful kids or anything I just know they presented more conflict then I have in the past, but then again there's only one of me in a household with wisdom-enhanced parents. see my brothers got my parents when they were younger and also there were three of them all at once.

What's a girl to do? The only wierd thing I don't get? The justice system. I've done worse things then forgetting to check in but this is te time they draw the lin. This is the one time they get the unbalenced mixture of anger and suspicion and edgeyness. This is the one instance when they decied to draw the line.
see here's the line: ___________________

My qusetion, I already answered: Why is it THIS time?

Why not when I __________ to_____ from 10:30 till after midnight.
Why not when I ________ the__________?
Why not when I _________ and said I was really________?

Why when I simply was late checking in?

The answer, again folks: UNBALENCE!!

I got to go, I don't know when I'll be able to get online next but I'll be back, dont worry your beautiful face with that one sun shine!.

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