Kimmy I figured it out 

Kimmy I figured it out

At first I was pushing Ken away because I knew he was a nice guy. Well yeah who really wants a "nice guy" when they're a mere 17 but also, I concider this:

I knew anouther nice guy that was hurt by an excitment loving and even very selfish woman. I was so afraid that I would hurt Ken because he reminded me of the nice guy. It took alot of talking things out for me to realize I am not that girl.

That was the missing component that I had left to tell you about.

QUESTION OF THE DAY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Why are there more pregnant girls at my high school than non-pregnant?

Okay so maybe there's not that many but I'll tell you this much... In the last month I can think of 5 girls that are pregnant. (and don't don't know a whole lot of girls at my shchool). Why has this become just somthing that happens? Like an everyday occurence? Why has society allowed these this..

continue later....

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Sun Oct 16, 2005 1:02 am MST by Lakers Tickets

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