Septeber 5th 

Septeber 5th

I've just been cultured, and to tell you the truth- I liked it!

After work I went to Greek Fest with my frinds Sobree and Cha chi. Besideds the whole finding out our newly graduated friend turned stoner I had a wonderfull time trying new foods, seeing a bit of Greece and meeting some pationate people.

The food was great, the dancing- wonderfull and did I mention- the FOOD- it was GREAT!!

So then I wet over to Chach's house and jummped on the Georgey Tramp and watched a wonderful 20/20. Did anyone else watch that? loved it! I was seriousley intriged the whole time and could't bare to wait through the commercials. It was about Party Monster and Mac Culcan. Very interesting! The movie came out today but I'm going to at least give the book a 20 page trial read before I spring for the movie ticket.

My classes are wonderful and I aso helped participate in Club Rush. I signed up for like 4 clubs but I'm fully aware it's highly unlikey I can acually make it to the meetings.

I signed up for:

and Dead Ameicans Club (History Club)

and got a HOTTIE'S e-mail address (who cares if I scammed it, I have it fair and square-ish!!)

HAPPY DAYS!!! ~~~~~Kayla
btw, I sold a pair of 139.99 dollar boots today!!! , No I don't get paid commition but I'm still stoked!!! HIGH FIVE FOR THE KAYLA BEAN!!!! WHOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO)

Later Days and Keep you nose out of the gutter

Oh yeah- and can sombody tell me if it's really the Muderdolls who are most widley known for singing White Wedding?????

It'a nice day for a - white wedding-
it's a nice day to- START AGAIN-annnnn

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Comment Umm, White Wedding was sung by Billy Idol when I was a kid. I know that was eons ago, but there ya have it. ;.) Love ya lots Kay.

Fri Sep 5, 2003 10:54 pm MST by Kim

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