Shananagan # 1
Brazier in the Headlights

Victim: ODT
Guily Party: Chachi and Sobree

Story Line:
It all started when Chach and Sobree found a purple and silver-grey bra in a trash can they were walking by. Now knowing they couldn't let a good bra go to waste they assumed the natural position. Criminals, Delinquents and even "Trouble Makers".

So they decided to hang the said bra on a unexpecting someone's vehicle antenea. The first name that popped into the mind of the bra-holder. GIMPY! So they turned around in search of Gimp's car. How did this all over spill onto ODT? Well, simple:

ODT's car was so much closer.



Shananagan # 2
Good... Till the Last Drop

Victim: KAYLA (and Later ODT)
Guilty Party: Chachi and Sobree- who else?

Story Line:
So Gimp and Vicki Doodle, Kayla (me) and Sobre and Chach took a trip to Albertsons for lunch today. Nothing out of the ordinary. Somthing else alittle too familiar, Sobree and Chach decide they want Martinelli's. Nothing good ever derives from a good 'ole drink of green bottled sparkling grape juice. Anyhow, We killed off one bottle and took the remaider of the 2nd to 5th period English. I was intensly and INNOCENTLY working on the assignment when the last sip of the beverage was announced mine. I began to take the rest of the drink in as one huge gulp and realise a second after it was WAYY TOOOO LATE what I had just consumed. Why hadn't I been smart enough to avoid this? I (as a reaction you undestand), drained the unswalowed rest of it into the bottle and I also sprayed my and a few other's desks with Martinelli's (that is Martinelli's mixed with .99 cent Ketchup) GROSS!!!!

The only thing left to do is see if ODT was thirsty. He was.



Shananagan # 3
Iced Blood

Victim: Unknown, posibly students and staff and Cenral High.
Guilty Party: Kayla (me)

Story Line:
So with the rest of the perfectly good .99 cent Ketchup we decided to have alittle "f-u-n"... yeah... while walking out of the school the bottle was tipped up side down and the lid opened. Preasure was alplied to the bottle forcing the red tomato-ee condement to squirt out onto the sidewalk. I know this isn't exactly saving the best for last of the shananagans but I mean this was better then a worm between my toes... given both would tickle me pink but in two different ways. I was great though!

Alisa fallowed alittle too closly, hope she can get that one out of her pants...



So I am going to a party tomorow night and staying over there. We're all going to Sobree's house

ie: "we" = Kayla, Chach, Sobree, Gimp, Frog-ett, Kenny, and ODT.

I'm so unbelievable stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YYYYYYYAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY*****happy monkey dance*******

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