Rawksta's My Boy 

Rawksta's My Boy

Here's alittle cheer that's heck'a fun to say:
don't mess, don't mess,
don't mess with the best cuz the best don't mess.

don't fool, don't fool,
don't fool with the cool cuz the cool don't fool.

B-E-A-T beat 'em, B-U-S-T bust 'em
beat 'm, bust 'em that's our custom... GGOOOoooooo
___________(FILL IN THE BLANK)____________


Guess who called Yesterday?!?!!?!


I've known this guy ever since 6th grade. He made it so much easier for me to enter a new (public) school for the last quarter of 6th grade and that alone deserves an online shout-out but that's not all. I've gotten so much closer to him in the last year that I can really say he's like my best guy freind.

So he called me yesteray and we talked for a while and ended the convo with the decision to get our "posses" together. So tomorow (after church) Cha-Chi, (maybe Sobree and Zack), Gimmpy, Justin and I are all going downtown to shoot pool at Plush Cue!! YYYYAYYY!!!

**Happy Munkee Dance**

Oh and also I've made those awsome freinds (John, Loranda, Jay/Jason, and Stana) from VBS this past week so, yes- I'm going to join Youth Group and wake up oober early to go to Sunday School with them before church too!

Tomorrow is soooo GUNNA Rawk!!!

yippeeee **busts into song and dance**

Also Spank leaves for ROTC Camp with Ryan and Haley and Ashley ad they'll get back the 15th. The 16th I'm going to kidnap him (sweet sweet revenge) and go rodeoing into the midnight zone out'a town!!!!!!

And if it's possible to have somthing else to tell you:

I've decided to foget about A&C Feed an go onto bigger and better things (still a bit disapointed though) and apply my butt at Oasis Tack and Feed and at Big R Tack, Feed and building supplies!

So one mor' thing to tell ya'll-

Today I got to go to Ne and sight in my 22! Its still not perfect but we'll get it. At the same time I got to see my buddy, Bailey (she's moving the 19th with her family) besides loosing an awsome horse companion we'll also need to looking into selling our farm or else getting sombody to help us take care of it. They will be missed ad I hope all goes well with them.

Oh yeah, Blue race'a report:
the Flame of Fire needs a new fuel pump. Not bad you say?

**laughs histerically***

ummm, it's throttle body injector. AKA we have to find a monkey that can stand on his head to put the sucker in because we don't have the 400 dollars it's gunna take to get a human to do it (in a civalized manner). :-D LOL

Okay now I'm REALLY REALLY done. Buh Bye Chicken Pies!!!!!

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