Second Try at a Stereotype 

Second Try at a Stereotype

Who's head is on the block today? Carnnies.

"Carnnies" refer to those who operate rides, sell over priced refreshments, and those specifically who hold the darts you throw at balloons to get a cheap oso de peluche.

Last night I went to CFD (Cheynne Frontier Days) and attended the carvival ready and raring to experience a night of fun and excitement. Instead I was jam packed with all the hustling, name calling, poor salesmenship, and negativity that I could ever imagine myself living though. Hearing "Yah, well come back when you get yoursef a job!!" and "What are you, lost?!?!" when politley turning down the dart salesmen I was fully disapointed in the whole experience. Then after a quite gentle man yelled "If you EVER do that again I'll throw you out'a this place and you'll NEVER come back!!" it really topped off my glass of carrine-anger-juice.

Now I can fully sympathise with these people who have to travel 24/7 while not seeing thier family and friends and who are surrounded by screaming kids in the icky heat of a new climate each week. Now that I've made my symapthy statment I'd just like to say I'm being totally streotypical but using the term "carniies". It's still not right that carnnies do not understand the impact they could and do make and take it seriousley.

Don't get me wrong I had a blast despite the whole twisting of the ankle which is a whole different story (post carnival), and would completely recomend CFD to anybody who'd like to get out and be turned into mush by a roller coaster. And I eveninviteyou educate youself on a Wyoming tradition by visitng this site:

Note: Kim, I was rocking in the seat of the ride and that's why the Carnnie yelled @ me.

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Comment What did you do that made the guy yell, "If you ever ..."?

Tue Jul 22, 2003 5:15 pm MST by Kimberley Warner

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