Influence and Other Wise Choices 

Influence and Other Wise Choices

If your just browsing but you don't have time to acually read my bloggage, the smartest move would be to scroll down to the last quote and start your word compehension there. Thank you and come again!

So you say your 'original, like no one else" and you "don't beileve in "being infuenced by ANYONE". I'm sorry, i can't believe that. Obviousley your influenced to be somthing that nobody is or expects. Therefore you are influenced not only by anyone but by everyone.

A more desirable and practical choice? Choose your influences carefully and go ahead- take on their beliefs and indiosyncracies all you want (if they weren't safe to be around you wouldn't have picked them to be your company in the first place, Silly!).

Hanging around a druggie and thief (or even a person who likes sappy old romantic movies waaaay tooo much) would NOT be the desirable choice... I mean com'on ever heard of "Guilty by association" that's not just a movie quote, it's reality baby!

What's wrong with the sappy-movie-watcher your asking? Come on Sparky, you can figure this one out. No the influence isn't that you'll walk around kissing everybody's hands as you meet them (even though that's a common side effect). It's that you'll be convinced after watching those poorly written scripts, in a dongeon-like blurred vision, and rainy day settings that life is like a sappy romance low-budget movie. This is a common missconception among low like "closet trekkies" (only with star trek) and viewrs like you. Or at least viewers like you who choose to have your influence be a sappy movie watcher...

Any who, My point is choices arise everyday and if you don't have a reliable sombody who has the same moral values as you do then you can't rely on a druggie or a thief or even a sappy romance movie viewer to help you form an answer because then your values have conformed to thier system, not yours. And the moral of the story boys and girls...
**DRuM RoLL**

" Don't eat yellow snow" wait- no that is tomrows lesson... today's is...
**drUm rOll** (again)

" it's impossible not to be influenced, so choose your surrounding mates with the same care you may use to blow dry your hair while taking a shower because, in the end, you will effect each other- make it a positive experience boys and girls!"

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Comment Thanks for your support and I'm sure glad to be in cyberspace Shell. Blog to you later, Kayla

Wed Jul 16, 2003 9:49 pm MST by Kayla

Comment Well blogged, Kayla. Nice to see you in cyberspace.

Wed Jul 16, 2003 8:37 pm MST by shell

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