Concrete and clouds 

Concrete and clouds

To start out lets get some things laid flat down so we know who we're dealing with....
>Have you ever...

{x} Fallen for your best friend? pretty much

>{x} been rejected? lol- ohhh yeah!- one of my favorite things to do!

>{x} been in love? i don't know- i have an unique twist on the term "IN love" that would occupie way too much pace on your screen.

>{x} been in lust? of course

>{x} Cheated on someone? no way

{x} been cheated on? yes

>{x} done something you regret? always, and countinuousely.

>{x} Engaged in sexual activity? no- do i look married?

>Who was the last person...

{x} You touched? ummm Maybe Erik

{x} You talked to? Brian

>{x} you hugged? Kimmy

>{x} You instant messaged? My Mama

>{x} you yelled at? i don't yell i talk VERY sternly and wait for a reply.

>{x} You laughed with? The dinner Table Crew

{x} You told you loved? my mom?

>{x} You kissed? Kenna

>{x} You lusted after? Mat

>Have you/are you/do you...

{x} Considered a life of crime? who hasn't?!?!?!?

>{x} Considered being a hooker? not literally

>{x} Considered being a pimp? can females be "pimps"?

>{x} Are you psycho? is that a fat joke!?!?!?

>{x} Split Personalities? does moody count?

>{x} Schizophrenic? no

>{x} Obsessive? every second of my blessed life (OCD-ish)

{x} Obsessive compulsive? oh- i geuss i just explained that one- YES

>{x} Panic? yeah- when i'm spooked

>{x) Anxiety? for' sure

{x} Depressed? maybe the opposite of

>{x} Obsessed with hate? make love, not hate

>{x} Dream of mutilated bodies, blood, death, and gore? umm, no. want some tea and cookies- PSYCHO?!?!?

{x} Dream of doing those things instead of just seeing them? what?

>{x} Understanding: most of the time- esspaecially when i know it's a touchy subject but i've been known to walk into situations quite blindly!

>{x} Open-minded: I'd like to think so

>{x} Arrogant: i don't think so- i try not to be

{x} Insecure: ABSOLUTLEY

>{x} Friendly: yes

{x} Smart: if i'm thinking and not messing around

>{x} Moody: yeah yeah.. moody.

{x} Childish: maybe alittle too much

>{x} Independent: kinda

>{x} Healthy: not at all

>{x} Emotionally Stable: the most emotinaly stable person you could find lol

>{x} Shy: i certainly can be

>{x} Attractive: if i'm washed and dressed- (it's not a pretty sight 1st thing in the morning and when i'm playing around).

{x} Responsible: yes- somtimes a stick in the mud but sumtimes stupidly childish

>{x} Sad: not unless it's on sad-ur-day (LOL) j/j-no

{x} Talkative: lol- if i'm hyper i cannot shut up

>{x} Lonely: somtimes... but it's not one of my attributes

{x} Color your hair? like 5 times. blue, red, blondish and green

>{x} Have tattoos? yes- 3 **wink**

{x} Piercings? 3

>{x} Floss daily? nope

{x} Own a webcam? nope

>{x} Ever get off the damn computer? use the little box... lol- YYYEEESSS

>{x} Sprechen sie deutsche? alittle bit- VERY little

>{x} Habla espanol? hablo un pequeno espanol para mas (then) *german*

>{x} Current Clothes: slippers, shorts, tye-dye (of course) and my oober cool bojo

>{x} Current Mood: Excited, Blessed, Confused, Lazy. and all before dinner time! i can roll over and play dead too.

>{x} Current Taste: chicken salad sandwhich, don't make that face- it's GOO-OOOD

>{x} Current Hair: a sweaty combo of sulfur and cow excretion with some cherries mixed in with the Kangaroo Paw shampoo. (it's down- NOT IN A PONY)

>{x} Current Annoyance: simplicity, complexity and general deepness of pepole's minds. and the unknown.

>{x} Current Smell: laundry

>{x} Current thing you ought to be doing: abslotley nothing, but i am willing to sacrifice for the web page!

>{x} Current Desktop Picture: a camaro spinning out in the moon light- DUH!!!

Current Favorite Group: Kenny Wayne Shepard and BNL and i like Avril

>{x} Current Book: anything but Stoner and Spaz

>{x} Current movie In VCR: BUFFY- the original w/ Luke Perry - NOT and I repete NOT the copied episodes!!!! grrr!

>{x} Current Refreshment: Vanilla Coke and ornage soda and DDEEWW!

{x} Current Worry: i'm a worry-free kinda gal

>{x} Current Crush: ;-)

>{x} Food: RICE what else?!?!!?

>{x} Drink: DEW or orange soda

>{x} Color: Orange, pink and yellow oh and my new one is- get this: BLACK- unexpected right?

{x} Shoes: fake-out-burks

>{x} Candy: it's a frit roll with nerds imbedded in it in the shape of spiderman- very cool!

>{x} Acoholic drink: they should all be burned in the hot firey pits of HELL. but ummm... pepermint schnops if i had to choose...

{x} TV Show: boy meets world and nope, that's all Boy Meets World

>{x} Movies: BUFFY and trapped in a purple haze

>{x} Dance: YES PLEASE!!!

>{x} Vegetables: Mushrooms

>{x} Fruits: pineapples

>{x} Long or short hair? shoulder length

>{x} Dark or blond hair? LIGHT LIGHT brown!!!!

>{x} Tall or short? TALL

>{x} Sensitive or Funny? i would say funny- but i've realized I NEED sensitive, but not a weenie

{x} Good or bad? swirl cone please- can i have some fries with that?

>{x} Dark or light eyes? bluish green

>{x} Hat or no hat? hmmmmmm- hat for surrrrrrre!

{x} Pierced or no? maybe **achooo** tounge**achoo***

>{x} Freckles or none? aww, yeah

On preferences...

>{x} Chocolate milk or hot chocolate? hot

{x} McDonalds or Burger King? Mc-E-Dees- Bk sucks in my humble opinion

>{x} Sweet or sour? depends- hmmm, chinease food- yum!

>{x} Root Beer or Dr. Pepper? gross. nither

>{x} Sappy/action/comedy/horror? comdey with alittle sap

>{x} Cats or dogs? if i had to choose- cats

>{x} Ocean or Pool? dunno- i'd like to see an ocean

{x} Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese? cha-eese

>{x} Mud or Jell-O wrestling? mud- DEFINATLY!!!!! jello washes off too easily

>{x} With or without ice-cubes? like 2 ice cubes.

>{x} Shine or rain? RAIN- STORM if possible!!!

>{x} Winter/Summer/Fall/Spring? springy-ish

>{x} Vanilla or Chocolate? swirl

{x} Gloves or mittens? gloves- but mittens are warmer

>{x} Eyes open or closed? closed but open as a surprise somtimes

{x} Fly or breathe under water? FLY

>{x} Bunk-bed or waterbed? a bunked aqua bed!!!

>{x} Chewing gum or hard candy? GUM- hands down.. well unless it's for kissing- hard candy is fun and gum get's hard to control.

>{x} Motor boat or sailboat? motor- gimme speeeeeeeed

>{x} Lights on or off? what am i doing?

>{x} Chicken or fish? chicken

>What's your favorite...

>{x} Number? 3

>{x} Holiday? christmas- the 4th of july is getting up there

>{x} Radio station? 96.1 or 99.9, 100.7 and 97.9

>{x} Place? on the farm with headphones and a pool table

>{x} Flowers? Cala lillies.. (bcuz thy look like a...) no acually because they are pretty close to the name Kayla.

{x} Scent? O-Zone or boy


>{x} If you could be anywhere, where would you be? not on the internet

>{x} What would you be doing? play wrestling or talking or just laying , doing nothing- WAIT i changed my mind- i'D be swinging on the swings at a play ground!!!!

>{x} What are you listening to? stupid Sims background music from Kayla B.'s Cube.

{x} Can you do anything freakish with your body? yes, wiggle my ears, do a back walk over,cross one eye and leave the other straight, and the amzing doing many things at once!!!!

>{x} Do you have a favorite animal? cats penguins dogs and hamsters- to pet, not own.

>{x} What was the last thing you said? "yeah- that one, yeah right there... nooo try the white one. YEAH baby!!!"

>Describe your...

>{x} Bedroom: very "me" It's got a blue sky with sponge painted clouds on it and i have a guitar chords poster on a wall and i have a HUGE clay pot in the shape of a flower that i made in crafts 2 in 9th grade that i keep all my notes and of course my journal and car stereo.

>{x} Best Friend: t-butt, ca-chi, lindser, rawkstar, spanky, sobree, goopenhiemer slim jim, lucky, kb

{x} Purse: ew

>{x} Wallet: a free burger king big kid's meal shark wallet!!!

>{x} Job: i wish A&C Feed other wise k&K heavy lifting and firworks co. -lol

>{x} Outlook on Life: just think tye-dye and you'll be fyne!!! if it isn't good in 10 minutes and after a prayer, give it anouther.

>{x} Favorite Outfit: my "flirt" shorts in which i got a yelling at for wearing by Tony and my tye dye- othe wise in the summer, my swimming suuit 24/7

>{x} Ideal Mate: my best freind that i can talk to and play with and who will fight with me but not seriousley and the same religion bcause is that cannot be your common ground what else can that wont crumble?

>{x} Crush or Significant Other: :-D

>{x} Computer Desk: this is an old folding table

>{x} Best Memory: handcuffs- lol

{x} Any last words? love makes the world go round hippie chica-pooh pooh. and Buh Bye Chicken Pie.

now that you've read that i know for sure that you were way too bored and now you have a little snack for you mind to chew on, you can thank me later!!!

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Comment thanks joey! comments r welcomed!

Wed Jul 16, 2003 9:51 pm MST by Kayla

Comment nice work. you have helped me by distracting my mind from my own thoughs and made me smile.

Tue Jul 15, 2003 11:31 pm MST by Joey

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