So when school gets here will I feel the need for summer? 

So when school gets here will I feel the need for summer?

Yesterday I took my loverly blue racer to the shop (again) and dropped my dad of at home while I continued to Spank's house.

**knock knock knock**

So nobody answers, my next move?

**open door slowly watching for escaping dog**

So I heard a certain comostion downstairs and coninued on my search for my buddy 'ole pal. The great sound of pool balls clanckity clancking against each other rang up to the top of the stair shaft. I reach the landing and I see many people shoved into the small pool room.

I had two resons for being in that house that afternoon:
1.) I had to return Spanky's hat
2.) I was invited to come and look at a photo album that I took some pictures for.

I greeted the homo sapiens and took a head count. There was Uncle Todd, Alen/Meral, Jessie, and new face I later learned was named Skye (Jessica's sister).

"Hey guys" I said as I reached for Spank's door knob.

"He's not here, went down to south side" I was informed.

So I walked into the dark musky room and threw the Radiers hat onto the fu-ton and gentley shut the door. " So would it be kosher if I just chilled here or whatever?" I asked anybody who would answer.

"Yeah Kay we're all just vegg'n here" Allen/Meral answered as he attacked me with blue pool chalk.

After a few games of Pool and helping Skye with her 1st pool game Spank came jogging down the stairs with a McDonald's sack in one hand. There were 3 people behind him none of which I knew. One etreamly scronny red head (dyed not natural), a tall gangley guy, and a average looking female in a tank top.

"The hat's on your bed" I said to a passing body.

"Oh okay, thanks. Oh here, wait here." the body answered. then continued witha "oh and Kayla, This is Nicole (tank top girl) you know the one were all going shopping with. This here (scronny red head) is Brttany, Coley's freind, and ummm, this is Billy (gangley guy)."

"Oh hey!! Nice to meet ya'll."

Billy and Allen/Meral played pool and so I joined them, to watch not play. It was getting good and Spank thew two picture albums at me.


So poor Brittany is hand cuffed the the stair railing and Nicole is on the ground with Allen/Meral and Spank piled on her trying to get an extra set of cuffs on her. My next move? KAYLA IS HERE TO SAVE THE DAY!!!!

I jumpped on top the boys biting and fighting like I know I can! Wait, what's this? they're calling in for back up?!?!?

"BILLY- get in here and take Kayla away!!!!!"

Billy's a good fighter and all but he's afraid of alittle bite so he wasn't hard to take. Yes Yes the story did end like the fairy tale my life is. Boys and girls, Kayla ended up kicking all the male butt and saving poor Nicole from the dreaded cuffs!!! Yayy! That's not all you paid for when you handed the tickit taker your money for this movie, you also get to find out the fate of Brittany. Kayla sweet talked the holder of the cuf keys into unlocking her too!!!

***********crowd goes wild!!!!**********

SO it was onto the trampoline where I fought (and won) my next battle(s).

"Grrrr you will never defeate me Spanky the Spanker!!!!!"

Long story short I was right, he gave up and called tag team on his buddy Billy the Bombarder...

"It was alittle more challenge to take Billy, not because of strenth, wit, or just plain buffness, but because I didn't know this boy. We had met for your 1st time only 20 minutes ago. That didn't stop me just slowed my attack-that is at first! (Oh yeah, I did fail to metion he had me in a pretty good Chicken Wing which worked toward my benifit.) I was then able to take a small restrained rest and begin with my next full force attack.

***********Whamm Bammm!!!!!***********

That's the sound of me doing a reversal hold on good 'ole Billy, "Now how does the Chicken Wing feel with a full 360?" I asked the Bombarder.

That's when it happened, Billy tagged Spank the Spank'a and rolled out of the arena (well the trampoline) and it was Kayla the Boy Beater against the Spanke again!

Don't fear my freinds and patient readers, Kayla threw the special Four-Point Cross-Over (especially designed for her two freinds Sobree and Cha Chi) and the battles were completed and Kayla was named Loverly Boy Beater for the rest of time (or untill the next compition takes her title that is).

So anyway the rest of the day was spent driving Billy around south side and racing home to change out of my "inappropriate" shirt so I could drive like Andrettii to VBS. Yes I or rather, Kayla was dirty, yes she was tired but nothing stops her!!!!!!!

**********crowd goes wild yet again*************

VBS wasn't the end of her day, no sir'ee bob. Kayla continued well past midnight babysitting and watching Suicide Kings (which is a good movie may I add) untill she rested up for her next day "Wednesday".

~~~~~~~~~~~~ the next day "Wednesday" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

All I gots to say about this day- today is:

+ I have many battle wounds from yesterday's fight(s), 5 counted so far.

+ I met a few guys today. John and Jay/Jason. I've acually known them ever since forever, we just acually met and hung out today.

+ I am excited for school but I sure am having fun with all my new friends: Nicole/Coley, Brittany, Billy, John, and Jay/Jason, FOR' SHIZZLE ;-)

~~~~~~~~Buh Bye Cbicken Pie
P.S. I would say sorry for making this Blog sooo long but it would be a lie, I'm not sorry I'm acually completly proud of the longness my Blog is composed of. So CHEERS to the longness!!!!!

**** Millons of glasses clanckity clanck around the WWW****

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